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Operations Division

DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion)

Development Division

Our Operations Division is led by our VP of Communications and Advertising, VP of Finance, and VP of Membership. Together they help lead us in communicating effectively, recruiting new members, fostering a sense of community amongst club members through team bonding events, and requesting and budgeting funds allocated to us through the Student Association.

General body members with any interest in these positions are encouraged to shadow our VP's to see how they manage their tasks! 

Our DEI committee includes our VP of Fundraising, VP of Community and Social Impact, and our new Director of DEI. This committee aims to connect with local nonprofits and increase diversity within our club. Fundraising is a great opportunity for our club to think outside the box and create fundraising opportunities that will appeal to all students- despite their background and financial status. We pride ourselves on providing affordable and attractive fundraisers. Our director oversees this committee and helps out with the miniscule details that often make or break a plan.

Our Development Division includes our VP of Professional Development, VP of Programs, and the Development director. Together they work together to produce Professional development events, Case Competition data, and work on our Chapter Plan and Annual Report. 

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