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viktoriya 2024 headshot.jpg

Viktoriya Sakharchuk 

VP of Communications and Advertising 

Our VP of Communications and Advertising, Viktoriya, joined OnMark and the AMA as a sophomore. After a difficult Covid-19 semester, she was looking to get involved and meet new people. Viktoriya is pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and is interested in holistic health, community psychology, and marketing. She was happy to join OnMark for a chance to practice her creativity and leadership skills. Viktoriya is from North Tonawanda, NY and is the voice of our club. She designs advertisements for events, sends out weekly emails, runs the social medias, and writes, designs, and edits our monthly newsletters. 
She is set to graduate in the Spring of 2023. Follow her on LinkedIN to see what projects she is currently working on!

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