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Rise Together

SUNY OnMark, Oneonta's Chapter of the American Marketing Association,

is a student club dedicated to professional and personal development. We are a club that accepts all students so we are excited to welcome you to join our team! 

We lead the campus in community service initiatives, fundraise for travel to compete in conferences, and offer the greater community our marketing services in exchange for valuable work experience. Simply put- we are the good kind of nerds because we are the ones who are excited to be passionate about our work. And this creates ripple effects further than you can imagine. A good first investment is into yourself. But the second investment should go straight to joining a community that supports your investment; who shares your values and will keep you going straight to your path of success. We're excited to hear about you! 

Each club member contributes something special by joining one of 3 committees: DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), Operations, or Development. 


We are a club that accepts all majors and people with an interest to help others. We help other clubs on campus as well as businesses all over town in order to get their events and ideas recognized. OnMark is ready and able to advertise for any club!

Meetings every Monday
at 3:00 pm

Check out our submission to the AMA's Best Recruitment Video Competition 2020!

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