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AMA International Collegiate Conference 2020

T-Shirt Competition

This was a networking event brought all of the schools together. Upon entry we were given a color chart in which we had to socialize with individuals from other schools across the country and match other students' color charts. Each chart that was filled out gave Oneonta a greater opportunity to win one of the prizes in a raffle. 


While socializing, students were able to exchange t-shirts with each other. Being that the conference theme was "Building a Better Us", our t-shirt theme was a bears wearing construction hats with our colors red grey and white. A big thank you to our VP of Advertising Jenna Shapiro for creating the t shirts,

Chapter Exhibit Competition

At the conference, each school is given the opportunity to create an exhibit based on the theme. This year, the theme was "Building a Better Us", we made a construction themed tent, used brick wallpaper, made a Jenga Blocks section and build your own sundaes to embody the theme.


While the exhibits were being evaluated, judges came around and our VP of Programs Jeff Starr explained the exhibit in detail. 

 Presentation by our President and Executive VP

Since our school ranked in the Top 10 in the year prior, we were given the opportunity to share our strategies to gain new members with other chapters. Our President, Brandon Rothstein and our Executive Vice President, Kyle Sinclair, explained the different ways we go about membership recruitment and retention. 

Marketplace Business Simulation Competition

Five of our members, Jackie Wood, Chris Clifton, Mike Delaney, Tabitha DeCicco, Meredith Bergman and Mike Distin participated in the inaugural Sabre Marketplace Business Simulation Competition. They participated in a simulation where they were given the opportunity to create and implement the best marketing plan based on a variety of factors. 

Awards Dinner

SUNY Oneonta’s Marketing Club, OnMark, was once again selected as one of the Top 10 collegiate chapters, by the American Marketing Association at the 2020 AMA International Collegiate Conference. OnMark finished in 6th place among around 380 competing colleges and universities, making this the seventh year in a row OnMark has placed in the Top 10. Our chapter has been in the Top 25 every year since 1998, the Top 4 twice, and finished 2nd in 2001.

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